trenton's best lobster pound

4 lb. Jumbo Lobster

Trenton’s best lobster pound may very well be the Down East Lobster Company. It’s a great place to visit on your way to sightseeing in Acadia National Park. You can sit at a table outside or on a screen windowed porch – which can be really helpful because the ’squitos will eat you before you finish eating your lobsta! The price is good, large lobsters go for $7.99/lb. plus a $2.00 cooking fee. I had one the other day – 4 pounds! I couldn’t even finish it, so Miss Brittany did a fantastic job of wrapping my leftovers. Give that girl a raise! Holly helped out with the “weigh-in” when I picked out my live lobster from a pool just inside the main entrance. “Hannah the Hacker” really put an effort into cracking open this 4lb. monster after she cooked it just right. I can’t forget to mention this place is not far from Acadia National Park, and the two go together really well. Don’t miss either when you visit Maine on your next vacation. 

[gmap addr=”1192 Bar Harbor Rd., Trenton, ME 04605″]Down East[/gmap]

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