Discover Great Maine Lobster Restaurants, Sightseeing in Acadia National Park, and find pet-friendly motels on your Maine Vacation!

Places to Stay

Bangor Howard Johnsons and Irving Gas Station

This HJ’s is newly renovated, although they should do some renovating in the customer service department. They woke me up early in the morning after a late arrival the night before – to tell me my key would be available at the front desk- as if I couldn’t find

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Motel 6 – Lewiston, ME

Motel 6 in Lewiston, Maine – has its up and downs, to be frank. The rates are cheap which is definitely a plus. Jessica works the front desk and has a great personality. Problem is, they just renovated the rooms – and took out the refrigerators and

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Motel 6- Augusta, ME

Motel 6 in Augusta, Maine – this one gets a thumbs up. But first, I have one suggestion – when a person reserves a room, and they ask for a room in the back, off the street so it’s  quieter, don’t tell them the room is guaranteed

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Motel 6 Bangor, ME

Motel 6 in Bangor, Maine – This one will really tick you off!! To begin with, my wife and I stayed there and she woke up with welts on her neck and chest. We complained to the general manager that she got bitten by bedbugs, so he moved us

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