Motel 6 in Bangor, Maine – This one will really tick you off!! To begin with, my wife and I stayed there and she woke up with welts on her neck and chest. We complained to the general manager that she got bitten by bedbugs, so he moved us to a new room and told us he would comp us for one night. When we went to check out, the manager on duty, Lisa, was apparently offended that the GM. comped us, so she “pretended” to take one night off the bill. The bill was so convoluted that we really couldn’t understand it, so we took her word for it. As we were driving away, I went over the bill in detail, and Lisa did not take off the night we were supposed to be comped for! So I turned the car around and went back to her and asked her to fix the bill – which she did this time. She must’ve been offended that I called her on it, because several weeks later we booked a room there, online, and when we got to Maine we called the hotel to confirm, and were told, after we drove to Maine, that we were on the “do not rent” list. Hmm.

Here’s another goody about this place – the housekeeping is from beyond Mars. One of them will stand in front of your door at 9 am and yell to another one three rooms away. I came to Maine for peace and quiet, not a Rap Concert at 9 in the morning.

Drive off a cliff before you stay at Motel 6 in Bangor!!!

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