Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound

Trenton Bridge Lobster PoundTrenton Bridge Lobster Pound® is located on Route 3 at 1237   Bar Harbor Road in Trenton, Maine

This lobster pound is a well known tourist destination in the area. You will often see buses parked outside bringing people from different parts of the globe. Trenton Bridge has an outdoor dining area and a screen-enclosed indoor dining area, if you want to avoid the mosquitos – and they are vicious during the summer! If you think you can sit outside and eat your wonderful live lobster meal, good luck! Make sure you bring plenty of bug repellant. I kid you not. But it really is a beautiful location and you will thoroughly enjoy your lobsters here. And it’s not far from Acadia National Park, so you can catch it on the way there or on your way back to Bangor.

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound also ships live lobster, overnight via Fed Ex, to your doorstep. They have their own specially built storage facility which includes a holding system of tanks that imitates the lobsters’ natural environment by pumping in fresh seawater from the local shores. This would be one of the better places to have your lobster shipped from.

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